Can you help?

The following DPIers were in contact by email at these addresses.  Email to them from me is now (in some cases, has been for a long time) rejected for the reasons shown.  In a couple of cases I know some of you can access an email address that rejects my messages.  Perhaps some kind of firewall.  Perhaps they don't want to be contacted!

Do you know the status of any of them.  
If so please email me by clicking here or send to pcoble@pmcassociates.org.

Bernie Hixon <bernie.hixon@ncr.com> 10/27/06
Jeff Hoover <jefferson_hoover@hotmail.com> 5/9/06
Alan Wheeler <alan.wheeler@microfocus.com>

------------------------ADDED 9/6/05-------------------

Dave Cornell <dave.cornell@tycoplastics.com>
Micki Cullen <msmicki@psln.com>
Pete Gregoire <pjgclg@bellsouth.net>
Greg Jilka <gregory.jilka@omahane.ncr.com>
Ray Kibbe <ray.kibbe@daytonoh.ncr.com>
Lennie Lovinfosse <Lennie.Lovinfosse@SparksNV.ncr.com>
Tom Parker <Tom.D.Parker@SeattleWA.NCR.COM>
Kevin Stranahan <kevin.stranahan@daytonoh.ncr.com>
Buck Swafford <buck.swafford@philadelphiapa.ncr.com>
Rhea Williams <rhea.williams@daytonoh.ncr.com>

---------These added 5/26/04------------------------------------------
Tim Belcher <tbelcher@lazerlink.com>
Eugene Geno Deschamps <genod2000@yahoo.com>
Beverly Sadgebury <bsadgebury@exhibitconcepts.com>
Randy Wardwell <randy.wardwell@s1.com>
---------ALL THESE ADDED 2/25/2004---------------------------
Bob Hedrick <rchseq@olypen.com>
Jeanne Hildebrand <Jeanne.Hildebrand@chicagoIL.ncr.com>
Don Lincicome <dclinc@theriver.com>
Verda Nutter <vnutter@aol.com>
Dave Sievers <desiev@mcc-care.com>
Bill Stibich <william.p.stibich@daytonoh.ncr.com>

---------ALL THESE ADDED 8/17/2003---------------------------
Judi Cross <judi_cross@juno.com>
Ron DeJong <ron@iicon.com>
Tom Hanifan <tom.hanifin@east.sun.com>
Cindy Hoover <cindyhoover@email.msn.com>
JoAnn Jeffers <joann.jeffers@hp.com>
Dick Kollasch <Richard.T.Kollasch@ClevelandOH.NCR.COM>
Jim Novacek <novacj@gte.net>
Robert Steinberg <rps@iicon.com>
Judy Sterling <Judy.Sterling@hp.com>
Toni Vancil <tvancil@ftxs.fujitsu.com>
----------------END OF 8/17/03 ADDITIONS-------------------------------------
Jay Bevington <jay.bevington@ncr.com>
Dick Brothers <Richard.Brothers.MKTG2@igate.sprint.com>
Ray Bouchard <ray10310@ihot.com>
Pete Burch <Pete.Burch@HartfordCT.NCR.COM>  3/22/02
Rene Chatelle <chatere@northgrum.com>
Ed Dikun <edsdican@hotmail.com> 8/27/02
Diane Dougherty <ddougher@adobe.com>
Paula Glogovac <paula.glogovac@sun.com>
Jerry Grant <jl@bitstorm.net>  3/22/02
Jack Harvey <jrharve@uswest.com>
Larry Henrickson <larry.hendrickson@NCR.COM>
Virginia Knowles <V.Knowles@saqqara.com>  3/22/02
Jerry Lyle <Jerry.Lyle@NCR.COM>  3/22/02
Alan Minard <alan_minard@lotus.com>  3/22/02
Joseph Mullen <mullen@seagull-precision.com>
Larry and Rita Pappe <rpappe@worldnet.att.net>  3/22/02
John Paser <ppaser@aol.com>  3/22/02
Ed Pinchek <EdPinchek@aol.com>
Claudia Porter <claudia@surfnetusa.com>  3/22/02
Jim Quinn <deerpoint@netease.net>  3/22/02
Will & Emily Rodemann <rodemann@lincoln.midcoast.com>  3/22/02
Betty Sample <betty_sample@hp.com> 8/27/02
Michael Warner <mwarner@focpt.com>
Kenn Warren <kenn.warren@ci.sj.ca.us>
Bill Zimmer <william.k.zimmer@ncr.com>

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